About Us

OUR Mission


we seek to inspire and unify people THROUGH ART AND THE CREATIVE PROCESS.

We aim to achieve this by becoming the number one art platform exposing artists to a wider audience and fostering dialogue between artists and the cherishing audience and collecting all valuable art aspects under one roof.


FOR MORE THAN TWENTY YEARS, REDA has dealt with artists and collectors. Having worked with his father- CURATING FRAMES FOR EGYPT’S MOST PROMINENT ARTISTS

Reda gained deep knowledge and exposure to the art world. From its inception, Reda has been on the leading edge of giving the best elegant frame curation to paintings, employing his artistic eye to find the perfect match for the artwork whilst dealing with famous artists such as Taheya Halim, Enjy Aflatoun, Hussein Bicar, Abdelwahab Morsi and many more. Senior art critics such as Kamal Aljowaily was a contemporary, Sobhy Sharouny and Ibrahim Abdel Malak In addition to an extensive know-how of organizing exhibitions, handling sales and marketing of the art field. Holding to his original vision to better facilitate relationships between collectors and artists and showcasing the legacy of art pieces, Reda proudly introduces Picasso East Art Gallery; an elite gallery where discerning collectors, artists and buyers find artwork selectively from many famous artists from around the country; including major rich artwork and private collections. The gallery is the home to one of the largest and most historical collections of art in Egypt, where artworks reveal key aspects of rich artistic and valuable cultural history for decades. Reda observes that approaching galleries entails showcasing, collecting and preserving rare and genuine arts heritage of famous painters, and not simply purchasing an art piece.